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A simple platform character for free. Enjoy!


  • Idle
  • Run
  • Crouch
  • Jump
  • Death 


  • Colour Variations: Red, Green, Blue, Black, Yellow
  • Muzzle Flash 
  • Platform (As seen in cover image)
  • Aseprite working files 


You can use this asset both personally and commercially. Please help support my artwork by giving credit. This is not mandatory but is very much appreciated. 

If you have any feedback, please let me know and I will implement the changes in the next update. :)

- Secret Hideout


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

TeamGunner_By_SecretHideout_060519.rar 69 kB


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Thank you very much

This is exactly what i needed

You are awesome!!!

Thank you very much. I used it on my game


Awesome work! Thank you so much for using my assets! :D 


Thank you! ^_^

loved it bro can i use it in my game

Thanks Bro! Please use it in your game :D 



Hello, Can you add fire and reload animation, I'm ready to pay extra 4$ for that update

Thank you for the feedback! I will consider this when I get some time to create more content. :) 

Hey mate, I can't seem to download these. They keep coming out as a RAR File. If you can help it would be much appreciated as I plan to use these for my college project as a part of my final project. Many Thanks.

Download winrar or 7zip and extract them

Thank you, sorted it now. Great assets, thanks a lot.

Hello! Sorry about the late response! I'm glad this was resolved! :) Good luck with your college project! 

Hi, I have used your gunner in my first jam and everyone loved it. Very nice animations. The link to this page is, of course, present in the credits in the game and also in the description page of the game on itch.io.

If you want to see the simple game I made for the beginner jam, you can find it here: https://kamaleon70.itch.io/alien-outpost

Thanks a lot for you great work. Please keep doing stuff like that! :)

Thank you for the kind words! I'm so glad people enjoyed your game. Thank you for using my assets. :) 

muy bueno!!!

Gracias! :)

I used you sprites in my new game! They were just what I needed, thanks tons!! https://westopia.itch.io/lone-army

Fantastic! Love the soundtrack :D Thanks for using my sprites!

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Was able to use this for my jam project! Thank you! Sprite-sheet worked great without any adjustments! https://jdzsk.itch.io/graffiti-removal-service

Awesome! Thank you so much! Great work! :D 

hello secret hideout, I'm very impressed with your pixel art. I wish I could create sprites as good as this one. is there any chance you could teach your process and animation movement?

Thank you, they look so awesome !


Thank you so much! That means a lot 😃

much wow, very nice

Thanks! :D

Very nice sprites, i wonder if you would add different weapons being held because this really needs it.

Wow nice sprite pack.And also free! Thanks


You're Amazing! 

Hi Secret Hideout, loving your pixel work and so I got a job offer for you. How can we get in contact?

Hi! Thanks very much for your interest. Im afraid Im not available at the moment but Ill be sure to get in touch if that changes. :) 

Thats an absolute shame. Heres hoping you are doing great in all your projects, in case you get some free time on your agenda we are looking for some pixel work.

Ill leave my Discord just in case: Arkayruz#4236

Why don't you try to make more weapons and animation for them this is a great asset pack and make it more better you can even make a whole series of assets based on this asset pack keep it up bro

Hi! Many thanks for the feedback! Ill consider this :) 

Hi, i am indie developer. At the moment, i am working on adventure-pixel game. I really enjoy your style of drawing. is our cooperation possible? Please, write me an email (akhilya@yandex.ru), we will be able to discuss in detail all the information, including payment. Regards, Artyem

Hi Artyem, Unfortunately I don't have time to take on any additional projects at the moment but thank you so much for your kind words and support. It means a lot :)

well, thank you for your reply. I understand the problem of shortage of the free time, as i am indie developer too :) . Good luck in your further projects!