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Those animations are so cute and fluent!

Thank you! So glad you like them :D 

Hi. Thanks for putting together such an excellent asset pack! I've just released a downloadable demo version of my soccer game, Tiny Soccer. Hope you don't mind me carrying on the name :) I have credited you on the homepage and in game. Hope you get a chance to check it out.

Wow this is so cool! Thank you so much for using my assets and thank you for the kind words! <3

Now on Steam also..

I just added it on my wishlist! Hi, I'm a game devolper student focus on sports games. Tiny Soccer and Tiny Football is just what 'm looking: most gameplay than graphics. Do you have any advice for me? Where can i start to learn more about these type of games? Thank u!

Hi, sorry about the late reply. Tbh I didn't find specific tutorials on building a football game but I started with concepts of a top down RPG game initially for movement - HeartBeast has a good one for this. For the ball movement, I guess similarities with projectiles such as bullets for movement. I just built it up in layers, this assets pack was a great start. Maybe when I'm not so busy trying to get the game live I'll put together some tutorials. There is so much to cover (ai, shirt colours, managing player and team data etc) but just take it on one at a time, every stage has been a learning process for me as it's my first real game. Built in Godot too which I've been very happy with. Good luck!

Hi, Martyn can you get your email ? Cheers David

Hi there! Do you have a twitter account? Or some way I could reach out to you? I'm about to release a game using your assets called BrawlBall, and would like to add your name in the credits!

Hi! You can just call me Secret Hideout :) Thank you so much and good luck with your game! 

Love your game! Great work :)


This is crazy good by the way :) Thanks again for using my assets! 

Looks super sweet ! :)

Thank you! :D