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Hi, great work! i dont have paypal to buy this asset

Hi, great work! Really love the character animations :3

Thank you so much! :D

I've just bought this but I would like your permission to use these images on the Nintendo Switch.  (I use something called 'Fuze' on the Switch to make games, I cannot import your tileset but I can copy it pixel by pixel.  I hope that is okay?  btw fuze games are not sold! other fuze users can play them freely) Thanks, Steve

not the author, but his terms of use explicitly state that you can use them for whatever you'd like in both personal and commercial settings.

"You can use this asset both personally and commercially. Please help support my artwork by giving credit. This is not mandatory but is very much appreciated. "

Thanks for helping with the questions. I really appreciate it. <3 

Are you open to commissions for more tilesets similar to these? I tried looking for any form of contact you had listed but didn't see anything. You can reach me on Discord at Foerthan#5525 if you want to discuss. Thank you!

Hello! I'm not available at the moment. I work full time at a studio. :) Thanks for asking <3 

Hello, Do you know when and if you're going to add the walk-left and walk-right animations for the character? Thanks!

Absolutely love the assets BTW!


hello! Thanks for the great question :) The sprites are designed to not require a left and right walk animation as the default pose is already side facing. Try checking out some user creations in the comments for examples. Good luck! :) thanks for the kind words <3 

Hello Secret Hideout! I bought this asset set because I'm working on a pixel art game in raw Java and your artwork is so beautifully done. My problem is I'm new to this stuff and I don't know how to interpret the animation sequences in - say - the player sprite sheet. Do you have a key that explains each sprite, or is there some kind of standard that I'm not (yet) aware of that will help me determine what's what in the sheet? Thanks again for the great art!


Nevermind - I'm an idiot - I just found the key you provided. :/

Glad you found it! Thanks for the comment :) 


Beautiful set. After a bit of experimentation, it was possible to generate map using autotile feature in Godot nicely. Thanks for your work!

Great Job! Thanks for the nice comment :) 

    You are one of a few artists who's work so far I greatly enjoy. I am an experienced game developer who is looking for a dedicated pixel artist to assist me with development of the game. I have some experience in making pixelart as well, so I would work alongside you. If you're interested, please let me know. Obviously I'd pay you for your work, and we can negotiate payment as well. I'm thinking a portion before and a portion when complete (of the decided amount).

Thank you for your consideration,


Hello! Thanks for your comment :) I’m not available at the moment but thank you very much for considering me. I wish you the best of luck with your project :D 

  • They were all too close together for me to use Unity to cut the atlas


  • This probably shouldn't be there. Can we fix it
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Hi, Sorry to hear you're having trouble with this. A 16x16 tileset can of course be cut into 16x16 tiles. I'm afraid you might have an issue with your setup there :( Here's my setup in Unity using the tilemapper tools. Please ensure the import settings are correct ie: pixels per unit and compression etc.  I'm not sure what your second comment means, Sorry! RogueEnvironment16x16.png should indeed be there. This is the environment tileset you should be using. Hope this helps! 

  • Unable to add this image to tile。The parameters are fine, but they can't be split into individual images using Unity's Sprite Editor
Deleted 2 years ago

It's done. I did it wrong

Woop! Glad it's OK! :)

This tileset is incredible easy to use and is very awesome.

That's so great to hear! Thank you for the comment :D 

Great assets, cant wait to make a new game with this pack ^^"

Thank you! I'm so happy you like them! :D 

Hello Secret Hideout, I’ve developed a Ludum Dare game with a lot of your art from this pack. I’m planning to make it into a full release and was interested to know if you’d like to connect.

Thanks! the game is here:


Thank you so much for using my assets :D Great Work! Unfortunately I don't have time to collab right now :( Thank you for reaching out though <3 


My game, created with this art asset.

Love this idea! Great job! :D 

Hello, I am writing to thank you for your great work and tell you that I used your art in one of my projects. I leave a link to my YouTube channel in case you would like to see it, thanks again for sharing!

Link: click here

Wow thank you so much for using my assets! It means a lot :D Great job! 

i'm looking for a freelancer for a project, a small project, is there any other way to contact you?

Hi I'm afraid I'm not available at the moment. Thanks for your interest though. :) 

This is some seriously beautiful artwork! Just out of curiosity, are you selling any additional enemy sprites for this tileset pack?

Hi! Thank you so much for the kind words. That means a lot. Currently there are no additional enemies but this seems to be a popular request so I’ll consider this when planning my next pack :) thanks again! 

Many thanks for the reply :) Gonna give you a follow so I can keep an eye out!

Hey there - love this tileset! Are you available for commission work?

Hi PhaseShift, many thanks for the kind words. I’m not available at the moment but I’ll get in touch with you if that changes. :) thanks again! 


I bought your Asset, if you make a "Pack of Enemies" for your project, I am the first to buy the "Pack of Enemies".
Animation of: standing, walking, attacking, death.

Hi, thank you so much for your support and feedback :) I really appreciate it. 


If I buy, why should I give credit for commercial use?

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Hi, thanks for the great question. Credit is generally given to support the artists who work hard on producing artwork for you to use in your game. Credit is very important to us artists and it is greatly appreciated.

I think the real question is why would you not want to give credit? ;)  

Thanks again :)  


Usually credits are given to free materials/assets.
I choose paid assets for the sake of not wanting to give credit.

No problem :) I definitely won't force you to give credit. You would merely be doing a kindness by supporting my art. As this has been an inconvenience for you, I'll change the wording on my assets. I hope that's ok. Thanks again for checking out my art :)


Nothing against giving you credit, it's just a matter of community standard, forcing you to give credit only on free projects.
I will give credit to your work. Thanks'. :)

Hi, what color palette do you use to make the sprites?

Hi, Many thanks for the question. I don't use a restricted palette. I just use whatever colours I think look cool :) I often change the colours many times throughout development until I find something that works. Hope this helps :)

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And here is your tilemap being modified in real time, awesome stuff!:

I noticed there's some art bleeding, did anyone else encounter this? Not sure if it's an error with the pack or a setup issue on my end:

It only seems to be on certain tiles:


Hello! Thanks for the comment :D You might need to adjust your compression settings in unity otherwise you'll get bleeding and the artwork will look blurry. Change filter mode to Point (No Filter) and set compression to None. This should help. 

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I mapped your some of your tile set to my level generator, it looks fantastic so far, thanks!

Hi OTGG, Thank you for the nice comment. Looks really cool! Great job :D 

Hi I really like the this pack. I bought it just now for the base price plus $10. I will be delighted to buy more packs witch this style. I love Link To The Past and I wan't to make a game like that. I have a hard time as a programmer finding Art Assets for prototyping. Here are some ideas I like to see and would be willing to buy them each separately. Of course that is up to you and if you have the time.

-A pack with extended dungeons stuff like moving platforms and booby traps. With some new enimes and a Boss.

-Outside village and enviorment pack like kakariko village in the Link to the past.

-NPC pack with animations that can also attack and stuff.

Hi LittleCodingWolf :) Thank you so much for your support. It means a lot. Your suggestions are really helpful and I'll take them on board for the future. Thanks again. 

First off I love the design... but I am wondering why their are no walk left or right animations 

Hi! Thanks for the comment. Great question. There is actually no need for walk left and right. The walk animation is right facing by default. This can be easily flipped in code for the walk left animation. The same can be done for the back facing walk. There is also no need for an up or down walk as the right pr left walk can be used for this. This technique is commonly used in 8 and 16 bit games for optimisation and also to save time in production. Here’s a great example of how to use the sprites:  hope this helps! 

thanks this help!

Hey great Job. Hope you will make more of this :)

Hello! Thanks for the kind words. I look forward to making more content soon! :)

I like your lovely main character. :)

I will make a game for my little daughter. Your main character is so cute. My little daughter will love it. :)

I will wait your kind update :)

Thank you so much for the lovely comment! I hope you enjoy the pack.

I made a test app by using unity  :)

Great job! I cant wait to see more updates :) thank you so much for using my assets.

Does it have a base character that I can customize?

Hello and thank you for your question. The character is as seen in the images. There are no clothing layers but you can modify the sprites as you wish. Hope this helps. 

Look into pallet swapping as a start. Not sure if you're a programmer or what engine you are using but you be able to change skin color, clothing color and stuff just using one texture file. Let me know what engine you are using and I may be able to help. I have a pallet swapping system working in Unity.

Hey, Are you planning on releasing any GUI content with this or another pack, I really like your art style!

Hey, Thank you so much for the kind words! UI is not something I'm too passionate about but there are lot's of other things I would love to add to this pack. Perhaps I'll consider UI in the future if more people ask about it. Thanks again for the comment :D 


Thank you for making this asset! Really enjoyed working with it.

I'm linking the project I made using it, which you have already seen, but here it goes:

Hello! I did play your game and loved it. Again, great job and thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate it :) 

Hello,  do you happen to have a description of what images are included in each action on the character sheet?  Specifically I'm trying to figure out what images are used when the character runs up and runs down.  Thanks. Your style is awesome!


Hey Tony, I've added a file called RoguePlayer_GUIDE.png that should help you :) Thanks ever so much for the kind words.

That guide image is awesome.  Definitely clears up some of the confusion that I had.  Thank you very much!  

Hi :) Very good work! Do you offer contract work? 

Greetings, Steve

Hello Steve, thanks so much for the kind words. Im not available at the moment but will contact you if that changes. Cheers! :) 

Ok, thanks :) Let's keep in touch as I may have a big project coming up soon. Have a nice weekend. Steve

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Thank you for this pack! I've purchased it for the player character alone and simplified the color palette before making variations for many of the armor sets I plan on integrating. Great character design, love it. Looking forward to purchasing any more assets you make, even if it's just to mess around with them.

Thank you so much for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed the pack. I would love to make more characters in the future so stay tuned and good luck with your project :D

Hi, dude. I love your assets.. What are the odds to make a shooting character with some kind of a medieval powder gun?? I need something for a game... Thanks!

Hello and thank you so much for the kind words :D I love your idea! My schedule is pretty tight right now but perhaps I'll consider a projectile character in the future :) 

Hey dude - love the set. Does "do not redistribute" mean "do not put in a public Github repository"? Trying to find a good quality tileset I can use for some quick mucking about with Phaser, and I'd prefer to put the source online so others can play around with it too. Credit would be given in the project's README, of course.

Hello, If you are using the dungeon package as part of a bigger project then you can indeed share your project online :) If you want to share the dungeon package by itself so other people can download it and use it for their own projects then please send them a link to this page. Thank you so much for your comment and good luck with your project :D

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Awesome! Work in progress github repo is here: and I'm pushing work-in-progress HTML5 builds to

Amazing! So nice to see my sprites in action. I'll be releasing an update soon :D Thank you so much <3

Just double-checking that this still applies now that you've added a min cost to this set. I've moved your assets into their own directory and have added a notice that people should obtain them you rather than my repo:

Alternatively I can revert to the images as they were before the minimum cost was applied.

Hi, thanks for the asset pack, i was just looking for a dungeon tileset and this one is perfect for the game i'm making for the GMTK-2018, of course you will be on the  credits ;)

Amazing thanks! :D

Deleted 1 year ago

Glad to hear it! Thank you! Good luck with your game :D

(sorry for my english). Hi, thanks for your asset pack, i'm using it for my game. I think it will be released in 1/2 weeks.

Can I modify the character sheet by adding a shield effect (of course you will be credited) ?

Hello, You can modify the sprites any way you like :) Good luck! 

Really nice art !! :)  I was wondering if I can use content for a t-shirt ? Keep the great work ! ;)

Sure! If you're using it for professional purposes then a donation would be much appreciated :) 

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