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Asalam o Alaikum  "peace be upon you"

How are you?

We are about to make a co-op Bundle. So Would you like to take part in it?

Are these available in multiple angles or just the one?

Just the one :)

Hey man, would like to contact you for a job offer. No idea where can I speak to you directly.

Hello! Sorry about the late response. I work full time in the games industry so I can't accept jobs. Sorry! Thanks for the comment :) 

Awesome, would love to have more in these style!

Thank you! Hopefully I'll make more of these soon! :D 

These are beautiful! Awesome work.

Thank you! :D

I agree. Are any of these these animated? The water maybe?

Hello and thank you for the comment. None of the tiles are animated right now. However, this is something i would love to add in the future. Particularly for the water. Thanks again!

Hey SecretHideout, I saw your pixelart on twitter and love it!

We're a group of developers for ChronoCraft(TimeTravel MMO-RPG) soon to release for alpha. Here's some of our work:

We're looking for an artist to make skins and textures. I want your talent at ChronoCraft.

This would be a for-profit project. I would love to speak with you

Hello! Thank you very much for the kind words. I really appreciate it. Unfortunately I don't have the capacity to participate in other projects right now. I wish you the best of luck with Chrono Craft. It looks awesome :D